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Beginning orthodontic treatment may seem scary for some kids. The ongoing procedure will seem strange and bothersome to them. But with some early preparation on your part, getting braces doesn’t have to be a shock to the system. Below are some ways to help your child through the process.

Early Exposure – We advise coming in to see the orthodontist for an initial evaluation at around 7-years-old. Not only is it a good way to discover any developmental issues early, meeting Peter Lee and our staff before any major procedure is an way to ease them in to regular visitation.

First Visit Fun – You can expect your first appointment to be stress-free and informational. We make you completely comfortable by answering all your questions and simply getting to know you and your child.

Set Up For Success – Choosing the right treatment is key. We will set you up for success by discussing all the options available, you can make an educated decision about the right kind of treatment your child. For instance, if you feel your child would have difficulty keeping clear aligners on all the time, maybe fixed braces are the best way to go.

Set Expectations – The bottom line is that orthodontic treatment does demand commitment from your child to whatever treatment is chosen. By being upfront, you can avoid undesirable consequences by helping your child understand what is expected from them from the start. Discuss things like the financial investment you are making, and how they need to contribute by attending appointments, avoiding damaging their dental appliances, wearing aligners religiously, proper care and cleaning, not losing them, etc.

Compliment, Encourage and Motivate – Because most orthodontic treatment is long-term, you can give a kid a boost by continually reminding them of the positive end result: a beautiful smile, bold confidence, and overall appeal through the rest of their lives. Rewarding them for successfully passing certain stages of progress is a great idea!

If you would like more information about pediatric orthodontic procedures, call Peter Lee and our helpful team at OPDSF Orthodontics. Make an appointment by phone at (415) 681-8500 or come by our office in San Francisco, California.