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Invisalign® First

There are so many duties and activities going on when it comes to taking care of your children, especially their health. One of the things they need help with is taking good care of their teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene helps avoid both dental and health issues, and having an aligned smile helps prevent issues as well. Even at a very young age, your growing child has the option of receiving orthodontic treatment.

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Invisalign® aligners are a great way to correctly align your teeth, and they are a great option for your children as well! Dr. Peter Lee and our team at OPDSF Orthodontics want to help your child avoid future dental issues as well as build their confidence through the use of Invisalign® First aligners.

Invisalign® First allows for early alignment that can help avoid issues with arch development, spaces between teeth, tooth crowding and incoming adult teeth. These aligners are custom-made and designed to straighten your child’s teeth before further dental problems occur. They can create space for adult teeth and expand the lower and upper arches.

Invisalign® First aligners can be customized for both the lower and upper teeth, and they are easy for your child to use. They are easy to remove for eating, brushing and flossing, and they enable more comfortability and use for younger patients. The alignment tray is easy to remove and clean in comparison to traditional braces where food and debris is harder to discard.

Prevent future orthodontic problems by having your children get fit for Invisalign® First aligners today! Give our orthodontic team a call at (415) 681-8500 to schedule a consultation or appointment. We’ll be happy to help!