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Invisalign® Treatment

in San Fransisco, CA

Cutting-Edge, Clear Aligners for Adults


What is an Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign aligners are a breakthrough innovation utilized to straighten or adjust teeth without the requirement for traditional metal dental braces, bands, and wires. These invisible braces are effective in dealing with the vast majority of orthodontic problems in adults and teenagers, including overcrowded or widely-spaced teeth, overbites, underbites, and also crossbites. With decades of experience employing plastic aligners, Dr. Atherly & Dr. Erickson are able to use Invisalign clear aligners in many orthodontic treatment strategies.

Doctors no longer need obstructive and challenging metal braces to provide patients with straighter teeth. Now there is Invisalign, a system of undetectable braces that will certainly align your teeth discreetly and effectively.

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We strive to provide excellent care and nurture a lifelong healthy & radiant smile with compassion and integrity.

Advantages of Invisalign

With Invisalign, you can enjoy your daily activities, interacting and socializing with others, without stressing over daunting and embarrassing dental braces. You can smile and open your mouth as much as you want.

Invisalign offers the very same end results as metal dental braces, except without having an unappealing smile or suffering from agonizing mouth sores. Not only will clear dental braces help align your teeth, but they also alleviate many various other issues such as overbites, underbites, and crowding or spacing of the teeth. Furthermore, because the aligners are taken out before mealtimes, there are no dietary limitations such as with traditional braces.

Another advantage is that the cost of Invisalign is nearly the same as the cost of metal braces. In many cases, dental insurance plans are able to cover a big portion and even all of the cost of Invisalign.

Pebble Beach Dental offers exceptional customer service and we will do our best to help you get the most out of your insurance coverage, making the procedure as affordable as possible.

Invisalign Treatment Overview

Invisalign utilizes a cutting-edge innovation that aligns your teeth by utilizing effective, BPA-Free plastic aligner trays, which are clear and virtually invisible. These sleek and comfortable trays are customized according to your distinct needs.

At your convenience, you change your tray at home, roughly every two weeks, and you only need to see our practice about once every six weeks. In many cases, the entire Invisalign straightening process calls for almost one year, however, the brand-new Invisalign Express option allows some patients to finish the procedure in six months at a lowered cost.

For Best Results

Aligners must be put on 20 to 22 hrs a day, so patients that can not adhere to treatment procedures will not benefit from Invisalign.

Have healthy teeth and periodontal. Patients with gum disease or unattended gums are not excellent prospects for Invisalign.

Have good oral health practices. Patients have to extensively brush and floss after eating and prior to putting the aligners back on.

Should be a non-smoker. Cigarette smokers are not qualified for Invisalign, as it disrupts the plastic aligners.

These standards are just meant to offer you a concept of what makes up a suitable Invisalign patient and are never definite.

Each situation is unique, and numerous other variables play into eligibility. Only a certified, completely trained Invisalign dental experts, like Dr. Atherly and Dr. Erickson can make the final decision regarding whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you.